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Back on the road

The people that own this massive 6 door modified excursion were in the middle of moving from Juno Alaska down to Utah! They had stopped in Lethbridge overnight and were on their way towards the US border when their right front wheel locked up on the highway. A quick call to our friends at LA towing and recovery had them on their way back here to our shop. When they got here we found that the right front wheel bearing assembly had let go and was causing their brake rotor to drag on the caliper bracket. A quick call to our local NAPA store to bring us a wheel bearing and a brake rotor saw these guys back on the road within a couple hours. We are passionate about helping people and about what we do. We know that it's not fun when your car breaks down, and that sometimes it is extremely stressful. We care about our customers and want to make the experience as easy as we can every time.

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