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Best of the Best 2018

It happened again. We are so thankful to all of our customers, who for the 3rd year in a row have voted us the Best of the Best auto repair shop in Lethbridge!

We are truly humbled and grateful for this amazing award. Especially because the people of Lethbridge are the ones who vote. We really do work as hard as we can everyday to ensure we are living up to these kind of awards. Will we make mistakes, of course we will. Will we do our best to make sure we do right for our customers... You bet. Nobody is perfect, but we are highly focused on making sure our customers feel like they are part of our Big Al's family.

We have experienced some changes over the last few months, some of you may have met our new addition to the Big Al's team.

This is Daryl. We are very excited to have Daryl join our team this last November. He has proven to be a great addition. With 9 years of GM experience and an amazing personality he brings lots of laughter and insight to our already amazing team. We are very happy to have him.

As we continue to grow and improve feedback from our customers will remain an extremely high priority for us. If you have a great experience, we would love to hear about it! If you think your experience could have been better, we would love it if you would contact us, so we can try to rectify the situation and improve going forward.

Austen, Daryl, Louise, Becky and I are so grateful for all of our customers and would love to help you out if we can. So from all of us at Big Al's Auto Repair, drive safe and if you need us please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!!

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